The Overflowing Cup of Knowledge

Buddhist sageThe Overflowing Cup of Knowledge

Once upon a time there was a bright student of Indian Scriptures. He wanted to

become more and more learned. One day he came to know about the great Buddh

Guru. He went to him. He introduced him and told the purpose of his visit. Buddh Guru

smiled and welcomed the student. He asked about his wellness. Then Buddh Guru

started asking him about his past knowledge. The student described all what he has

learned and told that he has acquired knowledge about almost everything.

Little later the Guru asked one of his helper to bring some tea. He got tea in a big pot

and two cup-plates. The boy started to make the tea but the Guru stopped him.

The Guru asked the student to hold a cup plate so that he can pour tea into it. The

student did the same. The Guru started to pour tea in his cup. The cup got filled with

tea but the Guru continued to pour tea in it. The tea started to fell in the plate. The

guru still continued to pour the tea. The student wondered, “What is happening?”

When the tea started coming out from the plate also then the student told his Guru

that the cup is full. It cannot hold more tea now. The Guru stopped pouring the tea

and told his student with a smile, “ Son, your case is also similar to this. We need an

empty cup to pour the tea similarly the mind has to be open to accept the knowledge.

You should

be free from all pre-notions about the knowledge acquired and pride. If you are

already filled with what you have learned where will my teachings be accepted. It will

flow out of your mind like the tea and it will go waste.”

We saw this story on the movie “2012”


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