“Gochu, today there is a forecast of  sandstorm which is expected to last for 48 hours. Make sure you charge your solar cells before the storm begins. You will not get a chance to venture out later once the storm begins. Stay indoors during the storm. Last year one of our neighbour’s child got swept away  in the sandstorm and landed  in the Gulf of Aquaba. Luckily, his battery was charged  and we could trace him from his GPS signal. It look him full three months for him to roll himself back here”.

Gochu looked at his father intrigued.

“Dad, you have been living for the last 600 years, how was it when you were a child of 50 years like me?”

“Gochu, when you were in my womb, I was a child like you.  I conceived you through self pollination unlike our predecessors who had a separate male and female species. I was told by my grandfather that he was told by his great grandfather how life was when he was child of 5 years.  It was so cold and at 50 degrees Celsius, he once, almost died because of hypothermia.  Solar cells and GPS were fitted only to vehicles.  Seas covered about two-thirds of the earth and there were some living creatures in the seas which they called fish. They used to eat fish, how ridiculous!”

“Dad, I read in my iPod lesson that once upon a time, the earth was dominated by the race which they called human beings. How come, we don’t see them anymore?”

“Gochu, the truth is that the human race is the one which caused calamity and destruction of the earth. They were mean, selfish and short sighted. For their comfort, they made chloroflurocarbon refrigerants and made a hole in the ozone layer eventually destroying it. They discovered fossil fuels for their convenience which was responsible for global warming and greenhouse gases. This evaporated all the water from the seas and moisture from the earth, rendering the earth lifeless and barren. They made plastics, but finally plastics consumed the human race. Your grandfather showed me once picture of the earth which was full of greenery and forest cover with various species of animals and birds.  They made guns and gunpowder and nuclear weapons, all for lust and avarice. They were responsible for Four World Wars  which finally annihilated them. The very few of them who are remaining are living in zoos specially built for them with  artificial atmospheres under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and oxygen content. Finally, it is we who survived sheerly by outnumbering them. Gochu, this is the picture of the early man. He used to stand and walk around on his feet and wear clothes. He used to grow crops, and eat crops grown on soil. He also used to survive on fish and meat of another species like sheep, cow, pig and hen. See these pictures. You do not see them anymore because they cannot survive the harsh environment of today.  If we were to try growing crops on the soil now, it would take 30 to 50 years to harvest one crop  because of slow down of photosynthesis”.

Suddenly, the overheads speakers crackled to life with the updated bulletin of the weather forecast. Solar Insolation values: 85-90 KW per square metre per day. Maximum  Temperature: 85 Degrees Celsius: Additional Land expected from sea: 20 square miles : Population count: 3,320, 556. No. of Births: Nil, No. of Deaths: 25, Causes for Death: Malnutrition, dehydration, skin cancer, and failure of selenium solar cells. Residents are advised to keep indoors as sandstorm expected to last for 48 hours likely to move in the south westerly direction. Protect your pigtails from sandcoating for correct functioning of your GPS. Charge your selenium solar cells before sandstorm sets in. Schools closed  for the duration of sandstorm. Help Centre availability not assured during sandstorm duration. Next Broadcast after 6 hours.   

“Gochu, as you heard on the speakers, make sure your pigtails are clean. During sand storms, the finely powdered sand dust gets deposited on all parts of our spheres. If the pigtails get coated with sand, it would interfere with their transmission to GPS and the Control Centre would not be able to track your whereabouts. You may get lost. The self destruct device activates and you would simply disappear into thin air.  The pigtails function like our antennae. This self destruct system is specially made so that you do not get captured by aliens. Already many of our community have been captured by aliens and are being used by the aliens as specimens for their scientific experiments. In fact, our community has been decimated by the aliens during the last century. The aliens themselves are from different galaxies and there are constantly warring among themselves to ascertain their supremacy over our planet.  So, it is very important that we are constantly and continuously tracked by the Command Centre for our own protection”.

Suddenly there was a shrill ringing of the siren indicating that an Alien attack was under way. There was a sudden movement of rolling spheres all of them rolling towards a spherical dome shaped structure. This was the special alien attack shelter. When all members of the community have assembled inside and head count taken, the doors are sealed and the high radiation protection shield on the spherical cover is activated. Supposedly, no alien has ever been able to penetrate the high radiation protective cover, at least till today.

Gochu and his dad rolled themselves towards the Spherical dome like structure.  They had only 100 microseconds to reach the dome, otherwise the automatic doors would start to close.  The community does not mind sacrificing a few individuals for the safety and protection of the group. God only knows when they will be able to come out of the dome!

The Scenario

The oceans have become lifeless. Human beings have stopped consuming anything organic and grown from earth, simply because it is not available in sufficient quantities to feed the population. No wonder, because it takes 30 years to reap a crop of paddy and wheat. Fruit bearing and vegetable bearing plants and trees do not grow anymore, the earth cannot sustain their requirements  for survival. The original human race has dwindled and has become a protected species. The few of them still present on earth have been protected from extinction by housing them in special zoos in artificial atmospheres under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and oxygen content. Ozone Layer has been totally destroyed and ultraviolet rays from the sun have a free access to the earth’s surface. In order to protect himself, man has mutated into a spherical ball with least surface area  to protect himself from ultraviolet rays caused due to ozone layer destruction. Retractable limbs extend out of the sphere only to perform their function of beginning of locomotion to overcome the inertia and to withdraw immediately. Most of the locomotion is carried out by the rolling action of the spheres. There is no hair on the human body. The surface of the spherical body of human beings has been naturally encased in an insulatory coating to protect from the 80 degrees Centigrade ambient temperature.   The solar radiation values (Insolation) on the surface of the earth are in the range of 30 KW per square metre per day. The oceans have receded in levels and cover only 10% of the surface of the earth as all the water has evaporated and escaped into the atmosphere. Human beings generate their required energy for survival through selenium coated solar cells fitted on their spherical bodies which also provide energy for locomotion.


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